Craze catch me?!

Low key eh?
I feel I dey craze dey come
I just dey act too strange for myself
I no dey fit comprehend some of my actions
E do a I dey try but more times no I just no dey fit.
More times eh
I dey a then I want shout, if I no do a then my body then my brains dey pepper me.
E be like I go faint I no go fit do anything
But if I do a
What go be my excuse if them biz me say why I dey shout?
Sometimes e no be say make I shout set
I fit make sad then e conf me
I no dey fit cry sef
Then I make numb or I go laugh tee
I fit dey plus ma sistos then I lost
Where I go?
I no know.
Me then people fit vibe aahhn der norr then my mood go change then I want x. How?i
Rydee e taya me!

For Dabadja!




I’m Scared

I’m scared to admit I love you.
Because I fear it’ll be like every other time I said it.
That I wouldn’t be able to suppress the need to be free and leave like I always do.
I’m scared that I’d rip your heart out and make you hate me.

For Adwoa


From the start we said this was love
It was beautiful, kind, strong,
We said it was all
I thought that there was unfathomable passion.
An unquenchable fire,
It was like a mustang that’d never tire
But slow and steady it came to a halt.
A youngling like me knew not patience,
Just like an infant hated boredom.
The Hunter in me knew not rest….always had my arrow pointing in a new direction..
The moment it’s shot……….that’s me flipping like a humpback whale towards a school of fish.
But since you lack lustre . .
Our flames were snuffed out


One of those things

The times I’d come see you because I’m angry at you turn out to be the times I’d live to cherish. Those were the nights you’d Apologize like a child apologizing to his mother. Those were the nights you’d plant kisses on my neck, my forehead, and the most sensitive parts of my face and Oh God! It felt like heaven.

The ones which made me swoon were the times I’d refuse to give you a good night kiss and a hug then tears would trickle down your funny looking cheeks from your adorable big eyes. Which made my head spin because I’d never seen anything like this.

All these!
I now have no love for. Though the love I have for you grows everyday. I now know that all those were done to break my walls. You’ve managed to squirm your way through my head, heart and soul.

Though I’m able to resist those wonderful touch’s I can still feel the shivers they send down my spine even at the thought of it.